November 29, 2022

Most MPs have parliament attendance above 80 per cent:

94 per cent of the MPs had more than 50 per cent attendance, according to PRS Legislative Research 

Most MPs have parliament attendance above 80 per cent

Majority of all the present Lok Sabha MPs have an attendance of greater than 80 per cent within the parliament. In reality, 4 of them, BJP’s Bhagirath Chaudhary, Jagdambika Pal and Mohan Mandavi, and Indian Union Muslim League’s M P Abdussamad Samadani haven’t missed even a single parliament session. Whereas Chaudhary, Pal and Mandavi had been elected in Could 2019, Samadani was a latecomer, being elected solely in July 2021 in a by-election. 

“Individuals selected me in an election and despatched me to the…

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